.: Love and Rage

A requiem for wasted youth,
uncouth and far too clever.
Never really innocent,
[though well-read] still ignorant.

Misled by elders and grown ups,
now I can't seem to grow up.
So I shrink away
from fake affection.
[doesn't take direction]

No, I don't vote in elections,
I'm fed up with the factions
Ready to mask up,
armed with fact; we come
correct. Tactics packed,
our task ahead.

Direct action.
Its gets heated,
people start to feel empowered
with the cops retreating,
but its a ruse.
Soon they let loose
with senseless beatings.

Block streets and charge
at us with horses,
to intimidate of course.
[all go through the motions]

Of course it's all just bait,
designed to aggravate
a crowd's emotions
Instigate fear and commotion.

Plain-clothed units infiltrate,
with hidden weapons they inflict
indiscriminate violence midst
the panic of the crush.

Now badges are removed,
Gloved hands brush glocks.
The rushing crowd throws rocks,
so forming poses
for the shots that show the
cops were merely victims.

Oh, we know they'll smell like roses
on the news at six o'clock.

Yes, we are scared
as the night falls. So what
if we are right? Now
we each, alone, must choose.
Try and run away
from here,
or stay and fight?

One voice no longer.
Once more, must
we settle for surrender
to the choice of
or fear?

[if only we were stronger]

So stand our ground,
around us, all strength that
we could ever need.
We found
respect, reflected
in the eyes of equals.

I was proud to stand
beside you. I would bleed-. No,
I would die for you.

we held our heads erect,
in bliss, amongst the
burned out wrecks and weeds,

We turned
and kissed.

True resistor. My beloved
Anarquista. Above the barricades,
we embrace like ancient gods.
Burning cars groan,
spit and crack glass.
True fire flickers in our eyes.

This smoldering love,
we cannot hold.
Like a hot coal it burns you.
and it burns me too.

always we'll be
free, and bold.

So, let's swear to never-ever:
-do as we are told,
-act our ages,
-obey the rules,
-allow our secrets to be sold,
Lets disregard authorities,
whomsoever they may be.

They rent us our own cages,
for a fee.

Tomorrow's not what they said
it would be.

Tonight, my love,
rage and passion,
might just be enough,
to ignite this soulless city.

September 2011


.: Facing Homelessness

Yeah. No fucking joke. My cat is staying with a friend & all my music/pc gear is going in storage.. [no i dont have a laptop]. If you can help in anyway with a room or a couch to crash on, email me. alcorrupt@gmail.com


.: Kung Fu Film - Master of the Flying Guillotine

This is one of the dopest old school Kung Fu films I have ever seen.
So fucking badass - it is the inspiration for the Streetfighter arcade games and Kill Bill - for starters.
Viddy well