.: Warehouse Mentality - KetateK - [An open audiotool project]

Ok - sorry for lapse in updates. More coming soon.
I have moved house. I wll post more about that, but this article was lying around, ready to post.

This is nothing special, just some ye olde style warehouse tek - made in audiotool.com,
It took about 30 mins, over at a friends place.
All you need is a browser with flash and an internet connection.
Go there and open the actual track - you can see how i have used the different sound and fx. Then remix it if you feel like it.
Join the site - and post results below in the comments.. get a prize!

Audiotool is an online app / software environment, has a great array of effective and intuitive sound generators and access to a massive community library of samples other people have uploaded and made freely available with CC licences. If you can already sample and loop, then just upload away, and add your own loops to the Audiotool preset banks in the 'Cloud'.
Soon other people will be using your sounds in their tunes and you will get a contributing production credit, on the tracks they publish.
Like this amazing song below [not mine], somewhere it uses a little Juno sample I made.

Audiotool.com is due for an upgrade very soon.

 : audiotool.com, Update 2012: