.: Occupy - [How to] Defend against tear gas

.: Mound. a sublime claymation short

Via the almighty Laughing Squid


.: Al Corrupt. This Friday @ 'Nailbomb2'

^^^  One ugly motherfucker yo ^^^ [not performing]

Ooooh! It looks like a hard one, kids.
So wear your fluoro and pack extra hugs.
Oh, and remember to smile at the all the hard cunts,
..they hate it.


.: Tripolar III - M0n0cycLe - [1996]

Tripolar III' was recorded by Monocycle [aka Dj manson]. on a Saturday night in 1996.
In a studio overlooking Kings Cross, this is one of 5 tracks recorded that night.
All were Independently released on a 7 track CD - 'Monocycle' -Intent Recordings.

The video was done in 2011.

The Images are all paintings by the master of the floating mountains, Roger Dean. His work has been often imitated on the side of vans, but rarely equalled. He kinda wrote the book on dragons, Dragon's Dream (2008) (ISBN 978-0061626975)
He worked closely with stadium prog-rockers Yes on album covers, logos and even designed their stage sets, He is also well known and loved by old school gamers for his distinctive graphic design for Psygnosis, games.
He designed the Tetris Logo.
True story.