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.: Dirtbox Radio - Lost tapes - 01

Plenty more to come... Stay tuned.


.: Meanwhile: - Swarms of Nano Quadrotors

Yes, it has been all over the interweb this week -but people are giving me puzzled looks when I mention it.
So, just in case you have been holed up in a cave, check out the latest developments at Skynet.

via Youtube

So far: 41,332 people think these goddam nazi dragonflies are apparently 'Awesome!'
- and only 298 found them at all troubling?!
I can't help notice they are not bearing cool refreshing drinks, for us humans to sip, as we enjoy all that extra leisure time technology was supposed to provide us with.
We humans are working harder than ever - and we don't even have lame robot butlers like C3-PO to complain to.
And what about those hoverboards we were promised?

.: Nehi - The Dave G Mixtape

Local rapper Nehi comes correct on 'Set Sail',
- the first cut from his full length release - 'The Dave G Mixtape'.
[Production by Complete Kit, Interlude by Maladroit]

     [41Mb zip]

Stay posted - There is lots more fresh local Hip Hop on the way.

.: LHF - Akashic Visions

Just looked in on Blackdown, [It's been one of my favourite blogs for a while now],
and this track and video instantly grabbed me, and I had to post.
It has a Detroit/to/London/via/Afghanistanfransico atmosphere that resonates across 20 years of culture [that I have witnessed], whilst sounding like the future.
Oh yeah, ..and then the beat drops.
 "Akashic Visions" is a cut taken from the forthcoming LHF début and double album,
 "Keepers of the Light" on Keysound Recordings. |   Video Directed by the mighty Skely Tor, a true Light Keeper.

Available as 2xCD with exclusive sleeve notes and artwork and as digital on April 2nd (2012).


.: Warrior Rituals - [Unreleased]

Techno Warriors!

Arm yourselves with more of my unreleased techno tracks.
These were, pretty much, made by me -  for me - to spin at outdoor techno  parties, back in the day. [more about that soon - stay posted]

'Warrior Ritual', has been lying around in both it's forms for a while now, only seeing the light of day in Dj Manson sets, or on the occasional Cd I would burn to give away.

It sounds pretty good after 10 years of  cellaring. -even if it was made using Fruity Loops 3, - and the remix is pretty much the same track 3 years later, just fed through my Micromoog - [in maximum tweakage mode]

The Micromoog is a raspy, brash analog mono-synth, like a meaner, black vinyl, trailer-trash cousin of the much coveted Minimoog .
I received it as a gift, from a homeless man, who I met whilst sleeping out in a park - in Fitzroy,  [This must have been around summer 95/96, on a Vibetribe 'road trip']
We got to talking about music. I think he used to do prog rock? He told me his bitch ex-wife had a garage full of his old synths. and if I came backto the park, the next day, same time - he would have something for me.
And he did. :]

True story.
Great synth.

Listen to a streaming version, - or download a FLAC
[Free Lossless Audio Compression]
Cd quality- 16bit 44kHz.
Let me know [in the comments section] if you have any trouble playing any of my audio files on your system.   

.: Music after the page jump..


.: Tribal Punishment - Old School Junglepunks Mix 1999

Dj Manson | Tribal Punishment
Junglepunks Mixtape Catalog# JP-02
Mixed on 1200s 
Oct 1999 @ JunglePunks HQ, 
Upper Colo River, Australia

Listen to the mix after the page jump :........

.: Until AM - Soundcloud Dj Interface

If you like Soundcloud -  you need to check this out.

Yes. Now! [link]..

Until.AM is the brain child of two Helsinki based developers / music lovers Aaro Väänänen and Tuomas Karhu.
It is still in the early beta stage - and lacks a cue monitor or nudge buttons, but it is very fun to play around with and it works well, even if beatmixing is a challenge.
Simple but effective, Until.AM looks like a very promising project, all in all.
The application is cloud-based.& it runs in your browser [it can also play files from your HDD].
There is nothing to install, and you don't even need to log into Soundcloud.
Just click this link...
Too easy, 
Now you're a Dj
...and so is your Nan.

Tip: If you want to find all your uploaded Soundcloud tracks easily, search your "user name" in quotation marks.


.: Operation Black March

via Zgeek

.: From the vault: Monocycle - Restless

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) or Willis-Ekbom disease is a neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move one's body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations.[1] It most commonly affects the legs, but can affect the arms, torso, and even phantom limbs.[2] Moving the affected body part modulates the sensations, providing temporary relief.

From the Monocycle CD


.: Aidex '91

Over the last week, I am ashamed to say, I have been working on an international arms trade fair.
Right here in the middle of Sydney - at Darling Harbour.
Called the Pacific Maritime Expo, it didn't even seem to raise an eyebrow.

I wanted to walk out on the first day,
- walk out of an event that offends every one of the principles I so readily espouse.
But I found, in Sydney 2012, those principles are too expensive for people like me.
Living week to week, it seems I can no longer afford them.
Part of my soul has died.

It seemed none of my friends shared my outrage, as I ranted about the injustice, after my first day there.
Don't get passionate about something anymore, -you could be mistaken for a fanatic.
A terrorist.

Too gutless to try and sabotage the event when I had the chance.., as if I could..
Even if I knew how to make a bomb belt without killing myself [hard],
-and got it into the set up [easy],
I wouldn't come near to taking out any of the real scumbags,
I would have only taken out the contractors, working poor like me.

The whole thing was done low key, and at first we thought it was just a boat show,
But it soon became clear, this was a full on Naval Military Expo.
- the future is inhuman.
When I told the people around me what this event was really about
..all I got was blank stares.

Source:  engagemedia.org

No-one, it seemed, remembered AIDEX.
Over 20 years ago now.
I wasn't there, but I remember the response in the community.
This video was produced for CAT TV by John Jacobs,
a true hero and a creative inspiration.
Watch his video after the link....


.: Death Grips - Exmilitary

Call me out of touch, but I just heard Death Grips for the first time.
I won't try and describe it, you should just listen, if you haven't already.

The album, 'Exmilitary' is available as a free download at thirdworlds - or you can listen to a stream from Soundcloud after the page jump..