.: YouTube 'hacks'.

Ok - Not really hacks, as much as URLs that utilise youtube in a novel way.

SHOW ME x NON-STOP - This URL allows you to type in a search term and you will be streamed nonstop fullscreen clips. Good for party visuals, stitching up co-workers and wasting your download quota.

Network Awesome - A kind of retro web-channel, lovingly curated from the well stocked bowels of youtube. Presenting 6 hours of thought provoking and eyeopening footage everyday, along with original reviews and companion articles. Network Awesome also has an impressive archive of obscure and esoteric video gems.

Create Your Own Mixtape This site is a kind of advertisment (for some movie called  'Submarine') - however, it's also a very good idea. It lets you compile a mixtape from any youtube clip and share the result. Because, youtube is now the easiest place to find obscure recordings on the internet, obviously...



.: JDilla - Last Donut [On eternal rotation]

J Dilla's "Last Donut of the Night" was originally released on Donuts, the last album he finished in his lifetime. Donuts was released February 6, 2006, three days before he passed away.

Some YouTube comments:
Dilla R.I.P. you changed my life :)
 who else got chills?
 This album is amazin'!! - I've never heard anythin' quite like it before. I dunno if it was because he was on his deathbed which gave him the superb inspiration but he managed to convey a story to his listeners just through beats!!! Beautiful Soul!!! Peace!!
 I couldnt imagine anyone's final goodbye being more beautiful or heartfelt. Dilla forever!
 J Dilla (Last Donut of the Night) is a thing of true beauty, unspoiled perfection installed within an instrumental
 if you dont know jdilla you dont know hip hop
 What is the shape of a donut, homie?
J Dilla made you feel things that you didn't know you could
 i could listen to this for years.
This is one of the most personal and greatest records that has ever been made. Produced whilst he knew he was going to die. You can hear both his pride in what he has achieved and the sadness that he has to leave this world. "Young man went out and made a name for himself." An autobiographical sample, and eerie because it's like he's imagining what'll be said at his own funeral . Then the track ends abruptly, just like his life.


.: Monocycle - Duality [From the Vault 1996]

.: Dj Manson - Urban Decay [From the Vault-1999].

Get ready for a flood of unreleased tracks, all Dj Manson originals and remixes. As heard on the decks at parties over the last [cough] years, oh boy...
All are encoded as FLAC, so that means lossless audiophile quality, FOR FREE!!
Seriously, I am gonna put a donate button in soon.. if you like and have money, give me some. Easy.

.: From 1999 - Antitrax Mixtape


.: Occupy - [How to] Defend against tear gas

.: Mound. a sublime claymation short

Via the almighty Laughing Squid


.: Al Corrupt. This Friday @ 'Nailbomb2'

^^^  One ugly motherfucker yo ^^^ [not performing]

Ooooh! It looks like a hard one, kids.
So wear your fluoro and pack extra hugs.
Oh, and remember to smile at the all the hard cunts,
..they hate it.


.: Tripolar III - M0n0cycLe - [1996]

Tripolar III' was recorded by Monocycle [aka Dj manson]. on a Saturday night in 1996.
In a studio overlooking Kings Cross, this is one of 5 tracks recorded that night.
All were Independently released on a 7 track CD - 'Monocycle' -Intent Recordings.

The video was done in 2011.

The Images are all paintings by the master of the floating mountains, Roger Dean. His work has been often imitated on the side of vans, but rarely equalled. He kinda wrote the book on dragons, Dragon's Dream (2008) (ISBN 978-0061626975)
He worked closely with stadium prog-rockers Yes on album covers, logos and even designed their stage sets, He is also well known and loved by old school gamers for his distinctive graphic design for Psygnosis, games.
He designed the Tetris Logo.
True story.


.: Tripolar II - m0n0cycle [1996]

'Tripolar II' was recorded by Monocycle [aka Dj manson]. on a Saturday night in 1996.
In a studio overlooking Kings Cross, one of 5 tracks recorded that night.
All were Independently released a 7 track CD - 'Monocycle' -Intent Recordings.
The video was done in 2011.

'Tripolar II' was also included on the Freaky Loops Compilation Cd in 1998.

The images in this clip are paintings by the visionary surrealist pioneer, Max Ernst.

.: The Greatest Speech Ever Made

In 1940, one of the most important speeches in recorded history was given by a comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin.
This is the speech from the end of his film 'The Great Dictator',cut together with more current footage that poignantly highlights the importance of his words.


.: How to sell bras bras bras!

Yes, this is an actual Australian TV advert.

Stay classy, Wollongong.

via 777? and t03cutt3r

.: Kevin Cyr's Camperbike gives me wood veneer.

 W A N T !
 W A N T !

And so to answer the inevitable questions:
  • Yes, it's real.
  • Yes, - it is 'Art'.
  • No, you can't buy one, - you have to make your own.
  • You just pedal it. Doy!
  • No, it would not be better with an engine.
  • Well, your mum stayed over and she didn't complain.
 .: Kevin Cyr's Homepage :.

I have nothing more to say but; - cars and mortgages are now officially for suckers and bogans.
 Get off the petrol, or get off the planet!


.: Tripolar I - m0n0cycle [1996]

'Tripolar I' was recorded by Monocycle [aka Dj manson].
Kings X Sydney, 1996
Originally released on CD.
Video done in 2011.

The paintings in this clip are by one of the greatest concept artists of the 20th century,
John Berkey, [RIP].
I have incorporated them without permission, but full credit goes to this amazing artist, my intention is to expose people to his talent. All these images were available online, I just did a Google image search for 'John Berkey'
His work is just incredible.
If you like his art, [and you can afford it] you can buy his book here:

Videos for Tripolar II & III are on the way.
They will feature the art of Max Ernst and Richard Dean, respectively.

.: Microville

So, I modified my crappy old nokia camera-phone with a small fisheye lens, because the plastic lens-cover broke.     

The lens was salvaged from an old LED torch, that had a spot type beam.
It was just an experiment, since the phone took shitty photos anyway.

Wow, was I suprised!
It won't focus on anything further than 10cm from the lens, however the depth of field effect is wicked. If I had another camera, I'd take a photo of the phone.
Anyway, I spent a day capturing the tiny parts of my neighbourhood.
The results are quite cool.

.: Enter Microville.

.: The Soundtank

More at Nowak’s Panzer SoundTank page.
via The SoundTank Will Crush Your Puny Little Mobile Music Making Device » Synthtopia

.: Noam Sayin'? The High Times Interview with Noam Chomsky

Brandon Bird: "Signifier and Signified"

Noam Chomsky  - interviewed by T.A. Sedlak - High Times, July 29, 2011

Q: You've spoken out against the War on Drugs, explaining that it's
essentially a means to lock up poor people, that it actually increases
drug use, and that it serves as an excuse to control foreign nations.
Would you briefly elaborate on these points?

A: Let's grant that there's a drug problem, for the sake of argument --
drugs meaning, you know, cocaine, marijuana and so on. Suppose you
accept that. How do you deal with it? There are studies -- government
studies and others -- that say that the most cost-effective way is
prevention and treatment. More expensive and less effective is policing;
still less effective and more expensive is border interdiction. And the
most expensive and the least effective is out-of-country operations,
like what they call "fumigation" -- which is, in fact, chemical warfare
-- in Colombia and so forth. I've seen it firsthand; it really is
chemical warfare. So those are the basic facts, and I don't think anyone
questions them very much.

Now take a look at the way the Drug War is conducted over the past 40
years. It goes back farther, but start from 40 years ago: There's very
little spent on prevention and treatment. There's a lot on policing, a
ton of stuff on border control and a lot on out-of-country operations.
And the effect on the availability of drugs is almost undetectable; drug
prices don't change on measures of availability. So there are two
possibilities: Either those conducting the Drug War are lunatics, or
they have another purpose.

Well, in the law, there's a standard way of trying to determine
intention, and that's by looking at predictable consequences. You have
40 years of experience with almost no effect on what they claim they're
trying to do, and you have very predictable consequences -- in fact,
several. At home, you lock up the people who are essentially
superfluous. The economy shifted dramatically in the '70s away from
domestic production and towards financialization and the export of
production. That leaves a class problem: What do you do with unemployed
workers? We happen to have a very close class/race correlation in
America, so that means, overwhelmingly, black males and Hispanic males.
Well, you know, we're a civilized country, so you don't assassinate them
-- you stick them in jail. And, in fact, the incarceration rate has
been shooting up, especially since the early '80s; it's now way out of
line with any other comparable country. Meanwhile, overseas, the War on
Drugs contributes to counterinsurgency operations. So a rational
conclusion is that those are the purposes. The only alternative I can
think of is sheer lunacy....'

.: How to build a House with a Reciprocal Roof


It looks like a still from 'Lord of the Rings' but it's not, it's a real home, in Wales.
This incredible hobbit-like house was handmade by a man named Simon Dale.

He'll even tell you how to do it on his website and he makes it sound fun and easy;
"The house was built with maximum regard for the environment and by reciprocation gives us a unique opportunity to live close to nature. Being your own (have a go) architect is a lot of fun and allows you to create and enjoy something which is part of yourself and the land rather than, at worst, a mass produced box designed for maximum profit and convenience of the construction industry. Building from natural materials does away with producers profits and the cocktail of carcinogenic poisons that fill most modern buildings."
'I am not a builder or carpenter, my experience is only having a go at one similar house 2yrs before and a bit of mucking around inbetween. This kind of building is accessible to anyone. My main relevant skills were being able bodied, having self belief and perseverence and a mate or two to give a lift now and again."


.: 'It felt like a kiss' - Adam Curtis

It Felt Like a Kiss is an immersive theatre production, themed on "how power really works in the world".
Below is the 54 minute film component made by BBC documentary film maker, Adam Curtis.

"I wanted to do a film about what it actually felt like to live through that time ... Where you could see the roots of the uncertainties we feel today, the things they did out on the dark fringes of the world that they didn't really notice at the time, which would then come back to haunt us"

.: Vintage Techno >> 'Tribal Punishment' mixtape

All Dj manson mixtapes can now be found on Mixcloud.

.: "Why I am an anarchist" - ESR

Eric S Raymond [or ESR] is most widely known for his definitive book on the history of the rise of open source software and Linux,  'The Cathedral and the Bazaar'. He is also responsible for the assembling of  'The Jargon File'. aka 'The New Hackers Dictionary'
He is a bit of a legend from way back in hacker culture and open source dev & his website is a must-visit HTML treasure, well worth exploring. His essays are very interesting and wide ranging.
lots of great stuff to read.
I read this one many years ago,
William Shirer's The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich is one of the most subtly horrific pieces of writing ever uttered. The single most chilling paragraph in a book that does not flinch from describing Nazi atrocities is this one:
On August 19, 1934, 95% of the Germans who were registered to vote went to the polls and 90% (38 million) of adult German citizens voted to give Adolf Hitler complete and total authority to rule Germany as he saw fit. Only 4.25 million Germans voted against this transfer of power to a totalitarian regime.
With this vote, the position of Führer as an amalgam of President and Chancellor — the elevation of Adolf Hitler to the status of dictator — was formally and democratically approved by the German people.


.: I had a camera ..

..on my s0ny mobile phone.
Its now dead, but for a few months I got some decent photos out of it.
These photos are all places I pass through in Sydney on my varied travels for work.
They are exactly as I snapped them, as is, applied no cropping or adjustments - mostly 'cos I'm lazy.
Check out more of my photos at .: Marrickvillian on Flickr 


.: Terra - not Terror

It seems the USA have just whacked their No 1 most wanted and it's all over the news. No doubt the head is now being mounted on a plaque in the oval office. It makes me think, maybe the new name of my website could be misinterpreted by zealous anti-terrorism agencies, webcrawling for signs if impending retribution.
Exciting as that may sound, I don't want to pay for a new front door because ASIO or the AFP have kicked it in,
So, just for the record:

I am not a terrorist.
I am a Terran.

Just to be clear, Terra is another word for this planet.
It is more commonly used  in other parts of the galaxy, but geeks and sci-fi buffs will often use it, [it is free of all the hippy connotations of 'Earth'].
If Terra is considered as a whole entity or organism, humans [and all biological life] would be defined as cells.
'Terra Cells Awaken' simply means, as a human, to become aware of your integral existence as part of a much larger being, your planet.
If you disagree with that, kindly fuck off to outer space.

So to be perfectly clear, this website has nothing to do with the late Mr bin Laden, or Islamic fundamentalism.
I am not a great fan of religious nut jobs at the best of times,
They all suck equally hard, although I think I would be a little happier if I heard the Phelps family of Westboro Baptist Church all got terminal butt cancer.
Yeah, that would a good day.

.: Steve Reich - Pioneer of Minimalism

Recently, the term Minimal has appropriated by a new wave of pedestrian and soulless disco music, defining some kind of bland, over produced techno made by people with expensive spectacles and germanic names.
Forget all that.

Steve Reich is a contemporary composer, whose work since the sixties has influenced generations of artists and musicians, and his work has been heavily sampled since the dawn of electronic dance music. 
This 45 min documentary from the UK 'Southbank Show', is a fascinating look at his past and current work.


.: Revolution Dub

1st May 2011 is traditionally known as Mayday.
So what else are ya going do in the innerwest, but drag your broke-ass down to The Town & Country, St Peters, 2 Unwins Bridge rd.

Celebrate the workers and counter cultures resistance to babylon's master slave paradigm - this May Day at Sunday Dub Club in Sydney park.
Then follow the mobile Wheelie Bin Sound System down the road to the Town & Country pub at 2 Unwins bridge rd St Peters.
D.J'S Franko, Vapor and Mashy P will spin some Ska, Dub, Cumbia, dumbia, gypsy-step and more and more between the hours of 7 and 10pm.   [...thanks to Pete for the heads up!]

Meanwhile    in     Berlin.....


.: McSlypussy is dead. Long live McSlypussy.

3 years ago, Auckland hosted it's first laptop battle ever.
Ok, so I live in a cave, - but check out my trans-tasman homeboy, PP Flo [aka Mc Slypussy from Anti Kati] totally winning the event, whilst destroying his laptop with a drill.
If you don't know what a laptop battle is, just watch the video - the NZ News have kindly provided an idiot-proof introduction for your enlightenment.

McSlypussy was a rare talent, born too soon -  forever waiting for the world to play catch up.
I met him when he moved to Sydney from NZ and started to get involved in SYSTEM:CORRUPT.
Bringing a refreshing blast of arhythmic noise and razor-sharp dress sense along with him.
Johnathan [as he is known to his family, police & social security] also forms one half of NZ Noise/core supergroup and feared street gang, Anti Kati - and you know he keeps it real in the mean streets of Auckland.
As convincingly demonstrated in the following popular music video:

He also gave me my Delta1010Lt soundcard (love it) and the biggest goddam spanner I have ever seen. I was uniquely honoured when he decided to name his cat after me!

You don't find friends like that on Facebook.
Instead, - you write a tribute article for your blog, and then wait until they google themselves..

The story of Mc Slypussy
God Rekids


.: ANTITRAX | Nihlistic Hard Tek from the end of the 20th Century

In 1998 I was back in Sydney after a 4 month stint in Europe.
Living in a massive squat in Amsterdam, with a 'dutch garden' covering the entire top floor. Roadtripping through student towns in north and central Europe, dodging neo-nazis and playing underground parties in factories and silos,
Seriously influenced by the hardline sounds and politics that defined the underground Tek movement there, I decided to devote almost a full day to making 'Antitrax' with a Pentium 1 and a Micromoog.
It shows.


50 handmade Cd copies were released independently in Australia thru 98/99 and 'ANTITRAX' has since been rereleased thru God Rekidz in New Zealand.

There are 3 tracks in the embedded audio player above, you flip between them using the buttons, genius:




From the God Rekidz liner notes for ANTITRAX:

"..demonstrates the ambivalence and extreme meaningless nature of techno. In this very very fine example of mindlessness the extremes of drug taking the boredom of the thud, the lack of enlightenment serves to remind us we are shit and boring and techno can actually promote a message. incredibly obvious subtlely."

Oh indeed.

.: Al Corrupt - The Agony [unreleased raggacore]

Yet again, fortune smiles and providence bathes the bold reader of Terra Cells Awaken.
Presented here for your convenience, is a weightless binary edition of  'The Agony'.
Previously unreleased, it can - at last, be globally disseminated without favour, and free from the bothersome restraints of commerce and physicality.
Raw and prickly, - this snatch 'n mashup is cultural theft at it's most brazen and delicious. I am but a robber with good taste.
Big respect to the original dancehall rudeboys & girls.

[ Swathes of this were sampled from   -  'Agony' by Red Dragon ]

Send any cash directly to Kingston, Jamacia.

.: Al Corrupt - Lost Tracker Time [oldschoolbreakcore]

These tracks were produced as tracker Mods, around 2000-2003 [as best I recall] and hastily burned to cdr for my personal use.
Helping shape the sound of the early SYSTEM:CORRUPT parties, these were my secret dj weapons of hexadecimal cut n waste!

Now they are free to download for you.

Hit my Last FM page if you must - but don't you DARE give them a cent!

More Al Corrupt releases are on the way...


.: Calcite | Ketatek Mix 1 [unedited]

Here is a very live and unedited piece I recorded after creating most of the sounds for a live set. needs a remix or three.... Calcite | Ketatek Mix 1 [Unedited] by dj manson

.: Seaquence

Seaquence is an experiment in musical composition. Adopting a biological metaphor, you can create and combine musical lifeforms resulting in an organic, dynamic composition.

The way each creatures looks and sounds is determined by the step-sequencer pattern, and other parameters you can tweak including their audio waveform, octave, scale, melody, envelope, and volume.

.: Acidbox1280

I have been fooling around with Mandelbulb 3d.
Click for a 1280 pixels of eyeburn.
Whats that? Your monitors bigger?

Well lucky you..
A Mandelbox object.


.: Free Dead Prez Mixtape

Dead Prez make militant, social justice hip-hop music for the people. If  you ever saw 'Chappelle's Show'', the DPz provided Dave's walk-on music. 

Utilizing a judo-like approach, M1 and Stic Man hijack the glossy gangsta-pop techniques that the 'urban music' industry spends millions of dollars engineering, then, craft and record their own top notch productions.
Dead Prez sure know what makes a revolution want to dance, thus ensuring the bass-heavy and clubwise riddims are laced with sharp and memorable hooks.

Rather than a dose of hard breakbeats and agit prop slogans, listeners are more likely to be challenged by the hardline political lyrics, delivered in unflinching but honest verses. DPz break down the mechanics of capitalism and modern day slavery, using equal parts: love, rage and wisdom.
Still teaching community responsibility and love-of-culture, but always staying focused and militant, always ready to use Babylon's own weight against itself.

Get free or die trying,
and get the new mixtape.
Free for revolutionaries and trendsetters


.: TUFF Mixtape by Dj Manson [1997]

---  D J    M A N S O N  ---
 T U F F  -  (1997 - mixtape)

This is the original 1997 -to audiotape mix of 'Tuff', mastered from the analog cassete. ts a tame mix by my standards but i was really feeling techno then and i still get a buzz listening to it. Turn it up LOUD!!

.: Ketatek - Calcite - Test render 2

Mandelcube generation.