.: Video - Plan B - ill Manors

Apologies if this old news but it's new to me.
Not the London Riots, but this clip explains more than those lip-flapping media c*nts could manage in the days following the LDN Uprising.

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.: The Vice Law of Cool: Square derivatives of the diminishing value of Cool. Socio-Thermodynamic Theory and Hipstanomic Application .

It's science time:
Science and Math. 
(ok - some satire)

The experiment in the following video was conducted by the cutting-edge social technicians at Vice. (Vice Institute of Cool Extraction - Hipstanomics Dept).
It predictably demonstrates one of the fundamental laws of Cool. 
(Cool being a value of social temperature). 
Study of the theoretical values of  social temperature is known as the field of Socio-thermodynamics. 
Its practical applications are known as Hipstanomics.

If  we say

Cool = C


C x C ≠ C²

Whenever the value of Cool is squared, the result will always be W

W = Wack

and as we know, 
Wack is the inverse of Cool, 
expressed here as

W = -C


C x C = W 


C² = W

or simply

C² = -C

so we have proven that Cool to the power of Cool, cannot be anything other than the inverse of Cool itself. expressed in the video below as:

lightsaber x segway = Wack 

[Nb: At the time of writing the cool value of a segway is negligible but measurable]

Vice lead the industry in deriving and extracting the value of Cool, and the huge amount of wealth involved, means only they can afford the technology required for this kind of research.
Therefore I propose we name this fundamental law of Socio-thermodynamics:

The Vice law of Diminishing Cool Values.

Give me a fucking job.


.: Shut up about 9\11 .. unless you are KRS1

Video Link

In this video interview from WeAreChange, hip-hop legend KRS-1 expounds on 9/11, asking why the Zadroga Act isn’t providing more medical coverage for first responders, explaining how his South Bronx roots informed his experience and feelings about the day’s tragic events, and discussing his and other rappers’ skepticism of the mainstream media and its official take on the attacks. “I’ve been criticized in the past for not being as sensitive as I probably should be to the event itself, and that’s warranted,” he says. “I slept in the World Trade Center when I was homeless, back in ’83 to ’85…to the hood, the Trade Center looked like two horns in the sky. We didn’t have nothing to do with that building. We know that the wealth of the people was getting sucked into them two towers. That’s what we know”

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.: Infinite Stripper Pole

This boy can do no wrong!
It seems every project he has a hand in goes gold like Midas.
This is a bit NSFW, but a brilliant music video - good simple concept - and perfectly done.
Most importantly, big ups to all the strippers - all around the world.

Diplo - Set It Off feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.