.: McSlypussy is dead. Long live McSlypussy.

3 years ago, Auckland hosted it's first laptop battle ever.
Ok, so I live in a cave, - but check out my trans-tasman homeboy, PP Flo [aka Mc Slypussy from Anti Kati] totally winning the event, whilst destroying his laptop with a drill.
If you don't know what a laptop battle is, just watch the video - the NZ News have kindly provided an idiot-proof introduction for your enlightenment.

McSlypussy was a rare talent, born too soon -  forever waiting for the world to play catch up.
I met him when he moved to Sydney from NZ and started to get involved in SYSTEM:CORRUPT.
Bringing a refreshing blast of arhythmic noise and razor-sharp dress sense along with him.
Johnathan [as he is known to his family, police & social security] also forms one half of NZ Noise/core supergroup and feared street gang, Anti Kati - and you know he keeps it real in the mean streets of Auckland.
As convincingly demonstrated in the following popular music video:

He also gave me my Delta1010Lt soundcard (love it) and the biggest goddam spanner I have ever seen. I was uniquely honoured when he decided to name his cat after me!

You don't find friends like that on Facebook.
Instead, - you write a tribute article for your blog, and then wait until they google themselves..

The story of Mc Slypussy
God Rekids


.: ANTITRAX | Nihlistic Hard Tek from the end of the 20th Century

In 1998 I was back in Sydney after a 4 month stint in Europe.
Living in a massive squat in Amsterdam, with a 'dutch garden' covering the entire top floor. Roadtripping through student towns in north and central Europe, dodging neo-nazis and playing underground parties in factories and silos,
Seriously influenced by the hardline sounds and politics that defined the underground Tek movement there, I decided to devote almost a full day to making 'Antitrax' with a Pentium 1 and a Micromoog.
It shows.


50 handmade Cd copies were released independently in Australia thru 98/99 and 'ANTITRAX' has since been rereleased thru God Rekidz in New Zealand.

There are 3 tracks in the embedded audio player above, you flip between them using the buttons, genius:




From the God Rekidz liner notes for ANTITRAX:

"..demonstrates the ambivalence and extreme meaningless nature of techno. In this very very fine example of mindlessness the extremes of drug taking the boredom of the thud, the lack of enlightenment serves to remind us we are shit and boring and techno can actually promote a message. incredibly obvious subtlely."

Oh indeed.

.: Al Corrupt - The Agony [unreleased raggacore]

Yet again, fortune smiles and providence bathes the bold reader of Terra Cells Awaken.
Presented here for your convenience, is a weightless binary edition of  'The Agony'.
Previously unreleased, it can - at last, be globally disseminated without favour, and free from the bothersome restraints of commerce and physicality.
Raw and prickly, - this snatch 'n mashup is cultural theft at it's most brazen and delicious. I am but a robber with good taste.
Big respect to the original dancehall rudeboys & girls.

[ Swathes of this were sampled from   -  'Agony' by Red Dragon ]

Send any cash directly to Kingston, Jamacia.

.: Al Corrupt - Lost Tracker Time [oldschoolbreakcore]

These tracks were produced as tracker Mods, around 2000-2003 [as best I recall] and hastily burned to cdr for my personal use.
Helping shape the sound of the early SYSTEM:CORRUPT parties, these were my secret dj weapons of hexadecimal cut n waste!

Now they are free to download for you.

Hit my Last FM page if you must - but don't you DARE give them a cent!

More Al Corrupt releases are on the way...