.: TUFF Mixtape by Dj Manson [1997]

---  D J    M A N S O N  ---
 T U F F  -  (1997 - mixtape)

This is the original 1997 -to audiotape mix of 'Tuff', mastered from the analog cassete. ts a tame mix by my standards but i was really feeling techno then and i still get a buzz listening to it. Turn it up LOUD!!

Cover design: Dj Manson


Mixed by Dj Manson
Recorded:1997 - Remastered: 2005

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This session was recorded onto a 90min metal cassette tape in my lounge room using vinyl and cd. 

Each side was done in one take,on the fly with no prepped set list and the end result  bottled the raw energy and the tribal, mechaniCal, minimal-techno that I was so excited by in the mid 90s.

'Tuff' was already arranged to be distributed through 'Squatters do it Best' tape distro.  However a second recording sessson, using 'higher quality' DAT tape was insisted upon.

The 2nd session, (recorded to DAT tape, in a fucking trance record store, on a pissy little shop system) was a pale imitation of the 1st mix. . Mixed conservativly at a low volume, the sound quality was thin and sterile and the mixing gutless,even though the tracks were virtually the same.

The second,shithouse mix of 'Tuff' was the one that ended up being released and sold around the techno underglobe... bummer.

But I kept that old 90 min metal cassette tape, cranking it on the odd car trip or ghettoblaster. Each time liking the original mix more and more.

So a few years back, I dug out the old cassette, borrowed a quality tape deck and converted it to digital.

Minimal mastering was required, and the end result is still, 12 years on, my definition of the timeless, tuff techno set.


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