.: Terra - not Terror

It seems the USA have just whacked their No 1 most wanted and it's all over the news. No doubt the head is now being mounted on a plaque in the oval office. It makes me think, maybe the new name of my website could be misinterpreted by zealous anti-terrorism agencies, webcrawling for signs if impending retribution.
Exciting as that may sound, I don't want to pay for a new front door because ASIO or the AFP have kicked it in,
So, just for the record:

I am not a terrorist.
I am a Terran.

Just to be clear, Terra is another word for this planet.
It is more commonly used  in other parts of the galaxy, but geeks and sci-fi buffs will often use it, [it is free of all the hippy connotations of 'Earth'].
If Terra is considered as a whole entity or organism, humans [and all biological life] would be defined as cells.
'Terra Cells Awaken' simply means, as a human, to become aware of your integral existence as part of a much larger being, your planet.
If you disagree with that, kindly fuck off to outer space.

So to be perfectly clear, this website has nothing to do with the late Mr bin Laden, or Islamic fundamentalism.
I am not a great fan of religious nut jobs at the best of times,
They all suck equally hard, although I think I would be a little happier if I heard the Phelps family of Westboro Baptist Church all got terminal butt cancer.
Yeah, that would a good day.

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