.: Tripolar I - m0n0cycle [1996]

'Tripolar I' was recorded by Monocycle [aka Dj manson].
Kings X Sydney, 1996
Originally released on CD.
Video done in 2011.

The paintings in this clip are by one of the greatest concept artists of the 20th century,
John Berkey, [RIP].
I have incorporated them without permission, but full credit goes to this amazing artist, my intention is to expose people to his talent. All these images were available online, I just did a Google image search for 'John Berkey'
His work is just incredible.
If you like his art, [and you can afford it] you can buy his book here:

Videos for Tripolar II & III are on the way.
They will feature the art of Max Ernst and Richard Dean, respectively.

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  1. Coming next from Monocycle: 'Tripolar II'
    Video featuring the paintings of Max Ernst.


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