.: JDilla - Last Donut [On eternal rotation]

J Dilla's "Last Donut of the Night" was originally released on Donuts, the last album he finished in his lifetime. Donuts was released February 6, 2006, three days before he passed away.

Some YouTube comments:
Dilla R.I.P. you changed my life :)
 who else got chills?
 This album is amazin'!! - I've never heard anythin' quite like it before. I dunno if it was because he was on his deathbed which gave him the superb inspiration but he managed to convey a story to his listeners just through beats!!! Beautiful Soul!!! Peace!!
 I couldnt imagine anyone's final goodbye being more beautiful or heartfelt. Dilla forever!
 J Dilla (Last Donut of the Night) is a thing of true beauty, unspoiled perfection installed within an instrumental
 if you dont know jdilla you dont know hip hop
 What is the shape of a donut, homie?
J Dilla made you feel things that you didn't know you could
 i could listen to this for years.
This is one of the most personal and greatest records that has ever been made. Produced whilst he knew he was going to die. You can hear both his pride in what he has achieved and the sadness that he has to leave this world. "Young man went out and made a name for himself." An autobiographical sample, and eerie because it's like he's imagining what'll be said at his own funeral . Then the track ends abruptly, just like his life.

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