.: Arrival - Mantislord X

.:      Dj Kmart has entered a state of metamorphosis, induced by the effects of the gas leak, documented above. The human phase of Dj Kmart is now complete, freeing the artist\\artwork from human space-time.
Self /non-self division is fully resolved.
The inward focus of our selfish society neatly consumed the essence of Dj Kmart, the process has fed upon the very notion of of Kmart's being.
All remaining potential has been used as nutrition for an iterated hybrid that has/will have multiple existences..
What remains, forms the resources for the manifestation of an extra dimensional self/nonself/artwork/artist.
Arriving from here/not here, - the manifestation of the higher form, has/is/will be condensed into the dominant spacetime bandwidth.
From the cocoon, emerges
- Mantis Lord X

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