.: McSlypussy is dead. Long live McSlypussy.

3 years ago, Auckland hosted it's first laptop battle ever.
Ok, so I live in a cave, - but check out my trans-tasman homeboy, PP Flo [aka Mc Slypussy from Anti Kati] totally winning the event, whilst destroying his laptop with a drill.
If you don't know what a laptop battle is, just watch the video - the NZ News have kindly provided an idiot-proof introduction for your enlightenment.

McSlypussy was a rare talent, born too soon -  forever waiting for the world to play catch up.
I met him when he moved to Sydney from NZ and started to get involved in SYSTEM:CORRUPT.
Bringing a refreshing blast of arhythmic noise and razor-sharp dress sense along with him.
Johnathan [as he is known to his family, police & social security] also forms one half of NZ Noise/core supergroup and feared street gang, Anti Kati - and you know he keeps it real in the mean streets of Auckland.
As convincingly demonstrated in the following popular music video:

He also gave me my Delta1010Lt soundcard (love it) and the biggest goddam spanner I have ever seen. I was uniquely honoured when he decided to name his cat after me!

You don't find friends like that on Facebook.
Instead, - you write a tribute article for your blog, and then wait until they google themselves..

The story of Mc Slypussy
God Rekids

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