.: ANTITRAX | Nihlistic Hard Tek from the end of the 20th Century

In 1998 I was back in Sydney after a 4 month stint in Europe.
Living in a massive squat in Amsterdam, with a 'dutch garden' covering the entire top floor. Roadtripping through student towns in north and central Europe, dodging neo-nazis and playing underground parties in factories and silos,
Seriously influenced by the hardline sounds and politics that defined the underground Tek movement there, I decided to devote almost a full day to making 'Antitrax' with a Pentium 1 and a Micromoog.
It shows.


50 handmade Cd copies were released independently in Australia thru 98/99 and 'ANTITRAX' has since been rereleased thru God Rekidz in New Zealand.

There are 3 tracks in the embedded audio player above, you flip between them using the buttons, genius:




From the God Rekidz liner notes for ANTITRAX:

"..demonstrates the ambivalence and extreme meaningless nature of techno. In this very very fine example of mindlessness the extremes of drug taking the boredom of the thud, the lack of enlightenment serves to remind us we are shit and boring and techno can actually promote a message. incredibly obvious subtlely."

Oh indeed.

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