.: Tripolar III - M0n0cycLe - [1996]

Tripolar III' was recorded by Monocycle [aka Dj manson]. on a Saturday night in 1996.
In a studio overlooking Kings Cross, this is one of 5 tracks recorded that night.
All were Independently released on a 7 track CD - 'Monocycle' -Intent Recordings.

The video was done in 2011.

The Images are all paintings by the master of the floating mountains, Roger Dean. His work has been often imitated on the side of vans, but rarely equalled. He kinda wrote the book on dragons, Dragon's Dream (2008) (ISBN 978-0061626975)
He worked closely with stadium prog-rockers Yes on album covers, logos and even designed their stage sets, He is also well known and loved by old school gamers for his distinctive graphic design for Psygnosis, games.
He designed the Tetris Logo.
True story.

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  1. So anyway, I want to get these tunes [and many more] out as HiQuality Wav files for those that want to pay for em,and I'm looking at Beatport or Juno, for digital distribution. Does anyone have any experience dealing with them?
    Whats the dealio? Do I set up my own web label? Or do need to be released on an established label?
    Cos I aint fucking around with bedroom bangers and remix competitions!
    Beatport looks slick, but its full of super-serious techno nerds, however\ I have seen plenty of people drop plenty of $$ there, and I need rent money!
    As for the I-store?
    - they can bite my apple!
    I will never condone the use of I-tunes.
    or Windows Media Player for that matter.
    I suggest remove and replace with winamp for audio, and VLC for video.
    If you need a 'media library' to find a song on your machine, [or the net] you must have too much shit music.
    Cull, or banish to the cloud.


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