.: Al Corrupt. This Friday @ 'Nailbomb2'

^^^  One ugly motherfucker yo ^^^ [not performing]

Ooooh! It looks like a hard one, kids.
So wear your fluoro and pack extra hugs.
Oh, and remember to smile at the all the hard cunts,
..they hate it.

So, I'm on at 01:45 am, and will be doing my Al Corrupt - Raggacore/Noisehall/Bassclash stuff, and maybe some Kuduro if time permits, run up in the Whitehouse and tear something up.
Fully Parramatta Rd, Cuz!

Word on the streets of the interweb:
"jk....Discoloop - bass music, techno, dubstep
Speaks - ruffneck ragga jungle
Mothball Z - shuffling to hyphy.
Paul Blackout - silly hats...my nuts.
Shift Decimal - powerviolent madness!
Al Corrupt - SY:CO sick-cunt brings more raggacore than you can bake raggamuffins to
Double Robin - sperm count reducing terror trax straight from the vaults
Alex B - founder of UK's Sick and Twisted gigs...this dude brings breakcore, grind, hardcore and speedcore, in an amusing tour-de-4ce
NoizehateNoize - screaming, extratone, torture, and other garbage above 240 bpm...hopefully..."

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  1. Thanks to everyone who came down on friday night.
    The venue is great, check it out if you haven't already.


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