.: Aidex '91

Over the last week, I am ashamed to say, I have been working on an international arms trade fair.
Right here in the middle of Sydney - at Darling Harbour.
Called the Pacific Maritime Expo, it didn't even seem to raise an eyebrow.

I wanted to walk out on the first day,
- walk out of an event that offends every one of the principles I so readily espouse.
But I found, in Sydney 2012, those principles are too expensive for people like me.
Living week to week, it seems I can no longer afford them.
Part of my soul has died.

It seemed none of my friends shared my outrage, as I ranted about the injustice, after my first day there.
Don't get passionate about something anymore, -you could be mistaken for a fanatic.
A terrorist.

Too gutless to try and sabotage the event when I had the chance.., as if I could..
Even if I knew how to make a bomb belt without killing myself [hard],
-and got it into the set up [easy],
I wouldn't come near to taking out any of the real scumbags,
I would have only taken out the contractors, working poor like me.

The whole thing was done low key, and at first we thought it was just a boat show,
But it soon became clear, this was a full on Naval Military Expo.
- the future is inhuman.
When I told the people around me what this event was really about
..all I got was blank stares.

Source:  engagemedia.org

No-one, it seemed, remembered AIDEX.
Over 20 years ago now.
I wasn't there, but I remember the response in the community.
This video was produced for CAT TV by John Jacobs,
a true hero and a creative inspiration.
Watch his video after the link....

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