.: Warrior Rituals - [Unreleased]

Techno Warriors!

Arm yourselves with more of my unreleased techno tracks.
These were, pretty much, made by me -  for me - to spin at outdoor techno  parties, back in the day. [more about that soon - stay posted]

'Warrior Ritual', has been lying around in both it's forms for a while now, only seeing the light of day in Dj Manson sets, or on the occasional Cd I would burn to give away.

It sounds pretty good after 10 years of  cellaring. -even if it was made using Fruity Loops 3, - and the remix is pretty much the same track 3 years later, just fed through my Micromoog - [in maximum tweakage mode]

The Micromoog is a raspy, brash analog mono-synth, like a meaner, black vinyl, trailer-trash cousin of the much coveted Minimoog .
I received it as a gift, from a homeless man, who I met whilst sleeping out in a park - in Fitzroy,  [This must have been around summer 95/96, on a Vibetribe 'road trip']
We got to talking about music. I think he used to do prog rock? He told me his bitch ex-wife had a garage full of his old synths. and if I came backto the park, the next day, same time - he would have something for me.
And he did. :]

True story.
Great synth.

Listen to a streaming version, - or download a FLAC
[Free Lossless Audio Compression]
Cd quality- 16bit 44kHz.
Let me know [in the comments section] if you have any trouble playing any of my audio files on your system.   

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  2. al?
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