.: LHF - Akashic Visions

Just looked in on Blackdown, [It's been one of my favourite blogs for a while now],
and this track and video instantly grabbed me, and I had to post.
It has a Detroit/to/London/via/Afghanistanfransico atmosphere that resonates across 20 years of culture [that I have witnessed], whilst sounding like the future.
Oh yeah, ..and then the beat drops.
 "Akashic Visions" is a cut taken from the forthcoming LHF d├ębut and double album,
 "Keepers of the Light" on Keysound Recordings. |   Video Directed by the mighty Skely Tor, a true Light Keeper.

Available as 2xCD with exclusive sleeve notes and artwork and as digital on April 2nd (2012).

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