.: Tribal Punishment - Old School Junglepunks Mix 1999

Dj Manson | Tribal Punishment
Junglepunks Mixtape Catalog# JP-02
Mixed on 1200s 
Oct 1999 @ JunglePunks HQ, 
Upper Colo River, Australia

Listen to the mix after the page jump :........


Junglepunks was a small dedicated crew, alot of hard work and faith in the punters.
All for of love of epic outdoor parties [w/out the ubiquitous trance],
So take a bow - SpeakaFreaka, Kimbo and Obi.
Shouts outs and a big thank you to everyone who performed:
Oliver Ho, Voitek, Lush Puppy, Null Object, Mark N, Dee Dee , Zeitgeist, Sasquelch, Seymour Butz, Ken Cloud, Phil Smart, Biz E, NonBossyPosse, Mechwarrior, XXX, PatrickHAF, Bass Bitch, Pilfernators, Sub Bass Snarl, Mute Freak, 8Bit, Orion, S7, Colour, Morphism, Matt & Kayla, Noize Generator, James Bond, Sasquelch, N-Zed, Victim, Cyelab, Jester, Earthmetal, Funky Fungus, Kanka, Crucial, AgentScully, Torquemada, Nagchampa, the original Analog Cabin Crew, Alladin Sound, Barry [Mr Lights] and Michael [Ghetto lasers], the bus drivers, Nomads MC, and all the dedicated techno bushrats who attended the Junglepunks parties. Even the really old guy who showed up with a bright blue mohak, WTF???
Oh, and thanks to the Trance Mafia for being such good sports about it all, and not taking it personally.

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Dj Manson


  1. Cool! Heh, have you got a high-res enough camera to do it lazy-style? The b-side of this is the best! I'd not heard it for over ten years, so props for the post. I still have my old technics headphones, and I just fucked my ears up with them. =)

  2. Oh yeah - I remember that night.. I don't remember us all being so young though. [sigh]
    I still have the little flyer around somewhere, will scan and post soon [ I have a big pile of scanning to get through..]

  3. Epic. =)

    Not quite a jp party, but have you seen these?



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