.: Meanwhile: - Swarms of Nano Quadrotors

Yes, it has been all over the interweb this week -but people are giving me puzzled looks when I mention it.
So, just in case you have been holed up in a cave, check out the latest developments at Skynet.

via Youtube

So far: 41,332 people think these goddam nazi dragonflies are apparently 'Awesome!'
- and only 298 found them at all troubling?!
I can't help notice they are not bearing cool refreshing drinks, for us humans to sip, as we enjoy all that extra leisure time technology was supposed to provide us with.
We humans are working harder than ever - and we don't even have lame robot butlers like C3-PO to complain to.
And what about those hoverboards we were promised?

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  1. Resistance is futile!

    This take "hive mind" to a whole new level, no?

    Well, with iphones, it looks like we _did_ finally get the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


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